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Time to Get Excited about China


Chinese equity markets are changing rapidly, and the country is now home to some of the fastest-growing and best-in-class businesses in the world. In fact, China’s largest companies, primarily in the information technology and consumer discretionary sectors, are joining the ranks of U.S. multinationals as some of the largest, fastest-growing and most recognizable companies on the planet. WisdomTree believes China will benefit from increased institutional investment as capital market integration continues.


Consider that:

  • As growth from consumption continues to increase as a percentage of GDP, more revenue is coming from China, domestically, and less is reliant on exports.
  • While the inclusion of A-shares in MSCI indexes in 2018 will be largely symbolic, it is a continuation of a decades-long trend of increased capital market integration that will provide immense supports to Chinese assets.
  • No single market in the world can rival the present earnings opportunity in China, and we do not believe valuations are stretched.

Commentaries from Our Thought Leaders

What’s Performing in China?

WisdomTree ETFs

With a potential trade deal likely, more and more investors are considering a dedicated exposure to Chinese equities. We look under the hood and explain why investors should consider taking an all-inclusive approach to investing in Chinese equities.


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How Close Are We to a U.S.–China Trade Deal?

WisdomTree ETFs

Today marks the 298th day of the U.S.–China trade war. Through examination of both Western and Chinese media reports, we believe a trade deal is likely to occur over the next month. We outline the progress made and how to position your portfolio.


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Bucking the Public’s Confirmation Bias on Chinese Stocks

by Jeff Weniger, CFA

Does the “global trade war” (quotation marks intentional) spell doom? It depends on your silo. While most investors focus on this issue, few are noting Chinese fiscal expansion or the big trade deals being signed right now.


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China: The Emerging Markets Haven

by Jeff Weniger, CFA

What investor in their right mind would use “haven” in the same sentence as “China?” We would—in the right context. China could be a haven, at least relative to other emerging markets, especially if the market’s focus shifts from trade wars to tax reform.


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Forget the Trade War, Already: China Is Cutting Taxes

by Jeff Weniger, CFA

The market’s obsession with trade wars may finally be priced in and exhausted. Move on to the next market mover—massive Chinese tax cuts, which should aid the WisdomTree ICBCCS S&P China 500 Index ETF (CHNA.B), our tracker exchange-traded fund for the country.


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Subsidizing China’s Superpower Aspirations

by Jeff Weniger, CFA

China appears to ready to ascend into world superpower status in the coming decades. Our Chinese equity strategy offers investors broad exposure to the Chinese markets.


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Tapping China's Emerging Potential with Less Risk


Not all China funds are created equal. The WisdomTree ICBCCS S&P China 500 Index ETF (CHNA.B) provides broad-based exposure to China without the concentration risk of other indexes and is the lowest-fee China ETF in Canada*.

ICBCCS S&P China 500 Index ETF


The WisdomTree ICBCCS S&P China 500 Index ETF seeks to track the price and yield performance of the S&P China 500 Index CAD, before fees and expenses. The Index comprises 500 of the largest, most liquid Chinese companies while approximating the sector composition of the broader Chinese equity market. All Chinese share classes, including A-shares and offshore listings, are eligible for inclusion.

Learn more about CHNA.B

The Case for ICBCCS S&P China 500 Equity

CHNA.B Fact Sheet

MER Comparison: CHNA.B vs China ETFs Listed on the TSX