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Jeff Weniger, CFA / Market News, Commodities 06/24/2019

Don’t Snooze on Hormuz

Jeff Weniger, CFA

With Iran backed into a corner, increased tension between the regime and the White House has resurrected talk of a closing of the Strait of Hormuz, the critical waterway by which the bulk of Middle Eastern oil must travel. Jeff Weniger discusses three key positions that may benefit from the current situation.

Kevin Flanagan / Fixed Income, U.S. Treasuries 06/18/2019

One Plus One Equals Three

Kevin Flanagan

To watch the money and bond markets of late, there is one development that stands out quite clearly: the Federal Reserve has to cut interest rates. In fact, from the markets’ perspective, trade uncertainty plus economic weakness equals three rate cuts in the future.

Kevin Flanagan / Fixed Income, U.S. Treasuries 06/10/2019

Which Came First—the Chicken or the Egg?

Kevin Flanagan

Recently we heard a narrative regarding the movement in the stock and bond markets—specifically, that the decline in U.S. equities resulted from the drop in the U.S. Treasury (UST) 10-Year yield. Typically, the bond market reacts to developments in the stock market, not the other way around. So, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Jesper Koll / Japan 06/03/2019

Japan GDP Signals a Healthy Economy

Jesper Koll

Japan’s recent gross domestic product report was stronger than expected, up 2.1% quarter over quarter and annualized, against expectations for a small decline. Jesper Koll discusses the Japan equity investment implications amid the macroeconomic and political environments.