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THE WisdomTree BLOG

Bryan Moore / ETF Education, Tax Loss Harvesting 12/11/2017

’Tis the Season for Tax Loss Harvesting

Bryan Moore

With the fourth quarter in full swing, not only are the holidays approaching, tax season is coming up as well. This is the time of year when many financial advisors talk taxes with their clients, especially if those clients have capital gains and if there is the potential for tax loss harvesting.

WisdomTree ETFs / Market News 12/04/2017

Latest Thoughts on U.S. Market Valuations

WisdomTree ETFs

Professor Siegel was recently on CNBC suggesting the U.S. equity markets were approaching fair value and that markets might ‘pause’ some of their strong gains in 2018. Siegel still believes corporate tax cuts are one factor supporting the market strength and that earnings should receive a boost from pending changes. Absent the corporate tax plan, we’d have a more clouded picture for U.S. stocks. 

Jeff Weniger, CFA / ETF Education 11/27/2017

A Game Plan for Advisors Navigating the ETF Takeover

Jeff Weniger, CFA
The Financial Advisors Association of Canada counts approximately 12,000 members. There is a lot of competition—and now we have the robo-advisors in the mix to boot. Jeff Weniger explains why advisors who acknowledge that thoughtful ETF usage can be a differentiator can thrive in these transitional times for the industry.
WisdomTree ETFs / BTM Podcast Series, Market News 11/20/2017

Economy and Monetary Policy Update with James Bullard

WisdomTree ETFs

Alongside my co-host, Wharton School finance professor Jeremy Siegel, I had the opportunity to speak with St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank President James Bullard on our “Behind the Markets” podcast. We would describe Bullard now as having the lowest dot for the future trajectory of policy in the infamous dot plots of future Fed Funds Rates.

Jeff Weniger, CFA / Quality Dividend Growth 11/13/2017

DGRC: The “One and Done” Concentrated Stock Build-Around

Jeff Weniger, CFA

No conundrum is more difficult than portfolios plagued by stock concentrations, when one or a few heavy stock holdings have undue influence on a portfolio. Our new quality dividend growth strategy is designed to serve as a concentrated stock “build-around” vehicle.